First Time Right, Time Savings & Cost Reduction
the DiotaApps 4.X

Free Webinar | Tuesday June 16, 2020 | 11:00 am CET


Faster. More reliable. More profitable. Today’s manufacturers are facing decisive performance challenges, more than ever in this POST-COVID19 period when all energies are mobilizing for business continuity and rapid recovery.
In this context, process optimization solutions via digitization are more than ever relevant as a lever for improved performance, especially for complex manufacturing and maintenance operations.

Thanks to the powerful combination of Augmented Reality and Field data Capture, the DiotaApps 4.X can help you immediately reduce non quality and associated costs and speed up processes. How can they efficiently and rapidly let you empower operators,  quality experts and methods engineers for achieving increased productivity, first-time quality and digital traceability?



In this webinar, you will discover upon real business cases:

How large and medium-sized manufacturers already deploying Diota's Apps combining Augmented Reality and Field Data Capture are achieving:
 first time right operations to reduce cycle time and reworking costs
 more reliable quality inspections to secure customer satisfaction
 effective digital traceability to enhance analytics and decision-making

How fast and simple the DiotaApps 4.X can help you reach significant results.

Which attributes define the « sweet spot » to deploy Apps combining Augmented Reality and Field Data Capture and what are the keys for efficient and successful deployments.

 Tuesday,  June 16, 2020
  60min | 11:00 - 12:00 am CET



Orano optimizes the reception of equipment and construction sites with Diota

Used on construction or renovation projects in Orano, Diota's DIGITAL-ASSISTED OPERATOR solution enables operators to control the reception of equipment and installations while dynamically previewing planned locations. At the end of the day, significant gains in terms of time, ergonomics and traceability.

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