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La Diota AppFactory arrive très bientôt, et c’est une nouvelle aventure que nous voulons vivre avec vous ! Plus que jamais pensée pour une collaboration optimale en vue de l'exploitation, du développement et du déploiement de solutions d'optimisation des opérations terrain par la continuité numérique, la Diota AppFactory vous permettra de :

  Capitaliser sur une expertise industrielle éprouvée  
  Exploiter efficacement la donnée industrielle    
  Accélérer la création d'applications métiers spécifiques   
 Supporter le déploiement des solutions   
Comment ? Quel potentiel ? Quels avantages ?

Diota AppFactory | Atelier "Module Customization" 

  Mardi 19 mai 2020
 60min | 11h00 - 12h00 CET



During his career, Tangi MEYER led multiple R&D projects and teams for ANR, FP7 and ESA research activities for startups and R&T companies. Before joining Diota, he managed consulting and business development in France for the IC.IDO solution from ESI. His expertise covers Augmented and Virtual Reality systems and their industrial applications. At Diota, he is responsible for products management and strategy.

Arnaud MYON
Arnaud Myon is an Engineer from ENSAM (2007) with a Research Master in VR (2007) and a specialization in Numerical simulation, VR, 3D and PLM (2008). After working for several years on large DMU processing for industry, he participated in an AR project at Airbus with a focus on data preparation. Joining Diota in 2016 as a project manager, he accompanied industrial companies in the adoption of 4.0 technologies through Diota's solutions. He is currently a member of the product team, focusing especially on a highly industry-specialized framework facilitating the customization, integration and large scale deployment of digital continuity solutions through enhanced collaboration.

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